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2015 Race Schedule & Weather Forecast
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Official Race Forecast Roebling Road:

It's time to go racing! It's time to welcome FALL at the Savannah Sizzler this weekend at Roebling Road! Temperatures will feel very fall like with below average highs and lows to greet us at the track each day! Clouds will keep the temperatures pleasantly cool and there is even a chance for SUN on SUNDAY! There will be an area of low pressure off the coast during the weekend producing a NE flow that will bring moisture to the area and produce the Cool and Cloudy weather.  I do not expect the event to be a washout, but I would expect intermittent showers throughout the day with light rain and drizzle most likely on Friday and Saturday. The best chance for sunshine over the weekend will occur on Sunday. Hopefully clouds will clear enough on Saturday night to see the SUPER FULL MOON! The super full moon will produce abnormal high tides for the region and shallow flooding in low lying areas. Don't foreget the rain tires!

Friday: Mostly Cloudy, 50% chance of Rain & Drizzle, High 76 Low 68. 

SaturdayMostly Cloudy, 40% chance of Rain & Drizzle, High 78 Low 65.

7:00am Meeting: Cloudy with Drizzle Temperature 68.

2:00pm Lightning Race: Cloudy, Rain & Drizzle possible, Temperature 77.

3:40pm Thunder Race: Cloudy, Rain & Drizzle Possible, Temperature 77.

4:25pm Tornado Race: Cloudy, Rain & Drizzle Possible, Temperature 77. 

5:10pm Australian Pursuit: Cloudy, Rain & Drizzle Possible, Temperature 78. 

5:30pm Awards Dinner: Cloudy, Rain & Drizzle Possible, Temperature 78.

Sunday: Partly Cloudy, 20% Chance of Rain & Drizzle, High 80.

12:20 pm Tornado Race: Partly Cloudy, Temperature 77.

1:27pm Lightning Race: Partly Cloudy, Temperature 78.  

2:34pm Thunder Race: Partly Cloudy, Temperature 78.  


Below are the average temperatures for Roebling Road:

  • September 25th: Average High 83, Average Low 65.
  • Sunrise: 7:14 AM Sunset: 7:17 PM
  • September 26th: Average High 83, Average Low 65.
  • Sunrise: 7:15 AM Sunset: 7:16 PM 
  • September 27th: Average High 83, Average Low 65.
  • Sunrise: 6:16 AM Sunset: 7:15 PM 
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