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2017 Race Schedule & Weather Forecast

Official Race Forecast Roebling Road:

It's time to begin the 2017 NASA-SE race season! This weekend is the Winter Carnival at Roebling Road! There will be NO winter weather for this race event. Unfortunately the weather forecast looks rather Lousy due to a developing low pressure system across the SE. The good news is that the temperatures will be warm for this race event with high temperatures 10-15 degrees above average. The bad news is that Rain tires are a MUST for this race event. Rain is likely both Saturday & Sunday. A warm front will cross the region on Saturday followed by a Cold front on Sunday afternoon.  These weather systems will bring heavy rain at times with thunderstorms to the track this weekend. Keep an eye on the sky because some of the Thunderstorms could become Severe & contain heavy downtpours with strong gusty winds. Have fun & be safe! 

Friday: Mostly Cloudy, WARM, Showers Likely, High 78. 

Friday Night: Mostly Cloudy, Showers Possible, Low 62. 

Saturday: Warm, Showers & THunderstorms Likely, High 75, Low 62.

7:00am Meeting: Mostly Cloudy, Fog Possible, Temperature 62.

1:25pm Qualifying Race #1: Rain Likely, Possible Thunderstorms, Temperature 72.

2:53pm Trophy Points Race #2: Rain Likely, Possible Thuderstorms, Temperature 73. 

5:05pm Awards Dinner: Rain & Thunderstorms Likely, Temperature 75.

Sunday: Warm, Showers & Thunderstorms Likely, High 75.


12:20pm Qualifying Race #3: Rain & Thunderstorms Likely, Temperature 72.

2:23pm Contingency Points Race #4: Rain & Thunderstorms Likely, Temperature 73. 

Below are the average temperatures for Roebling Road:

  • January 20th: Average High 60, Average Low 38.
  • Sunrise: 7:24 AM Sunset: 5:46 PM
  • January 21st: Average High 60, Average Low 38.
  • Sunrise: 7:24 AM Sunset: 5:47 PM
  • January 22nd: Average High 60, Average Low 38.
  • Sunrise: 7:24 AM Sunset: 5:48 PM

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