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2015 Race Schedule & Weather Forecast
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Preliminary Race Forecast Road Atlanta:

It's time for the race for Pie at Road Atlanta! Preliminary weather forecast looks dreary for the race for Pie this weekend.  The weekend will not be a complete washout, but I expect the weather to be cloudy, and cool, with a chance for showers Friday and Saturday.  The best day of the weekend will definitely be Sunday when there is the best chance for sunshine and dry conditions.  Below is your Preliminary weather forecast.  We look forward to seeing you at the track Saturday afternoon. MB

Friday: Mostly Cloudy, 70% chance of rain, High 55 Low 48.

Saturday: Cloudy, 50% chance of rain, High 62 Low 48.

7:00am Meeting: Cloudy with Fog & Drizzle possible, Cool, Temperature 48.

2:25pm Thunder Race: Cloudy, Showers Possible, Temperature 58.

4:20pm Lightning Race: Cloudy, Showers Possible, Temperature 60.

6:05pm Awards Dinner: Mostly Cloudy, Shower Possible, Temperature 62.

Sunday: Partly Sunny, High 68.

12:30pm Lightning Race: Partly Sunny, Temperature 62.

1:50pm Thunder Race: Partly Sunny, Temperature 65.  


Below are the average temperatures for Road Atlanta:

  • March 13th: Average High 62, Average Low 40.
  • Sunrise: 7:49 AM Sunset: 7:41 PM
  • March 14th: Average High 62, Average Low 40.
  • Sunrise: 7:48 AM Sunset: 7:42 PM 
  • March 15th: Average High 62, Average Low 40.
  • Sunrise: 7:46 AM Sunset: 7:46 PM
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