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2016 Race Schedule & Weather Forecast
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Official Race Forecast Road Atlanta:

****UPDATED 3/10/2016****

It's time to go racing! This weekend is the race for Pi at Road Atlanta! Get your rain coat and rain tires ready to race this weekend. The event WILL NOT be a complete washout, but I expect that it will rain and there will be a chance for Thunderstorms Saturday night into Sunday. This race event is notorious for extreme weather events from tornadoes, to rain, & frigid cold temperatures! Just be prepared. Despite the fact that rain is in the forecast, temperatures should be slightly above normal. DON'T FORGET TO SPRING FORWARD at 2AM SUNDAY! Rain or shine I look forward to seeing you on the podium at the awards party!

****UPDATED 3/10/2016****

Friday Night: Mostly Cloudy, Showers Possible, 20% Chance, Low 57. 

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy, 20% Chance Showers, High 75 Low 55.

7:00am Meeting: Mostly Cloudy, Temperature 57.

1:55pm Tornado Race: Mostly Cloudy, Warm, Temperature 72.

2:45pm Lightning Race: Mostly Cloudy, Warm, Temperature 73.

4:10pm Thunder Race: Mostly Cloudy, Warm, Temperature 74. 

5:00pm Awards: , 20% Chance of Showers & Thunderstorms, Temperature 70.

Sunday: Showers & Thunderstorms likely, 60% Chance, High 72.

12:35pm Thunder Race: Showers Possible, Temperature 68.

1:34pm Tornado Race: Showers Possible, Temperature 69.    

3:07pm Lightning Race Showers Possible, Temperature 70. 

Below are the average temperatures for Roebling Road:

  • March 12th: Average High 62, Average Low 39.
  • Sunrise: 6:50 AM Sunset: 6:40 PM
  • March 13th: Average High 62, Average Low 39.
  • Sunrise: 7:48 AM Sunset: 7:41 PM 
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